Centro Legal Holds Several Montly Workers’ Rights Clinics

Centro Legal Tiene Clínicas Mensuales de Derechos de Trabajadores

Please call 510-437-1554, or email, to get information about the next clinic. Clinics occur monthly, normally on some Thursday evenings and one Wednesday morning.

Por favor llame al 510-437-1554, o envíe un correo electrónico a para obtener información sobre la próxima clínica. Las clínicas ocurren mensualmente, normalmente algunos jueves por la noche y un miércoles por la mañana.

Call 510-437-1554 to schedule a consultation. Please leave a voice message with name, phone number, and that you need a worker’s rights consult.

Llame al 510-437-1554 para hacer cita para una consulta. Deje un mensaje de voz con su nombre, número de teléfono, y explicando que necesita una consulta sobre los derechos de trabajadores.

Clinics are only by appointment
Las clínicas sólo son con cita
3022 International Blvd., 4th Fl.
Oakland, CA 94601

Legal Services

The low-wage immigrant workers served by Centro Legal’s Workers’ Rights Program are employed in industries where wage theft and other serious workplace violations are commonplace. All-too-often, the workers we represent share stories of dangerous working conditions and employers not paying at all for days, weeks, and sometimes even months of work. When workers confront their employers about the legal violations, they often face extortionary threats related to their supposed immigration status. Access to a talented legal services attorney can make a huge difference in the outcomes for these workers.

The Workers’ Rights Program provides legal services to all low-wage workers, regardless of immigration status. By sharing our legal expertise with the broader community, we aim to give workers and other advocates the tools to address workplace violations.


  • Centro Legal works in close collaboration with low-wage worker organizers and worker centers to ensure our legal services and legal rights education work supports collective efforts by workers to improve working conditions.

Policy Advocacy

Centro Legal’s Workers’ Rights Program regularly joins in State and local policy advocacy efforts to improve legal protections and address systemic problems faced by low-wage workers. We engage in this advocacy through media events, amicus briefs, letters of support, and in-person meetings with State legislators and local city councilmembers. Centro has an important dual role to play in this advocacy both by sharing our significant substantive expertise on legal issues and in ensuring that the voices and concerns of low-wage workers inform policy decisions.

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